The TagaBrew Mobile App is available on both iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.

Current Versions:
     Android; 2.0.2
     iOS: 2.0.5

If you have any questions or issues with the TagaBrew please contact me using the feedback option in the Settings section of the app.  If you cannot do that, then email me here:  

I can also be reached at my FaceBook Page:

I update the application every couple of month to add in the new TagaBrew breweries not included in the previous release.

Available on Android 4.x and up
Available on iOS 9.0 and up


List View shows the active TagaBrew breweries as a scrollable list. You can sort them by name or by state.
If you have marked the tag as collected for the brewery, that row will be displayed with a BROWN background. If the brewery has a charm, a small BLUE / BROWN beer mug icon will be displayed. The icon will be darker if you have collected it and lighter if you have not collected it. If the brewery is coming soon (does not have the tags yet) a RED beer mug icon will be displayed.
The title of this view displays the number of TagaBrew tags you have collected and the total number of TagaBrew breweries.
When you tap a TagaBrew brewery, you will be taken to the Details View for that brewery.


Map View shows the active (and your collected) TagaBrew breweries on a zoomable map.
If you allow TagaBrew App to see your location this view will show the TagaBrew breweries near you.
You can tap on any map icon on the map and then long press the icon bubble to display details for that brewery.
You can also tap on the bull’s eye in the upper right to zoom to your current location if you have moved since the last update.
There is also the option of displaying the map as Standard, Satellite or Hybrid views.
All breweries are displayed in BROWN, BLUE / BROWN (if they have special charm) or RED (if it is coming soon, do not have the tags yet) beer mug icon. They will be lighter in color if not collected and darker if collected.


Here you see the details of the TagaBrew brewery and where you can mark a tag collected, as well as the special charm (if the brewery has one)
If there is a telephone number, you can click on it to open the phone app to call the brewery.
You can tap on the icon on the map and then tap the small directions or map icon to launch the Map app to get directions to the brewery.



Choose the Startup View. The application will start with the view selected. List or Map


Choose the sort method. The sort can be Alphabetically by Name, Alphabetically by State or Alphabetically by City


Choose the filter. The filter allow you to see only on specific state or all states


Toggle that determines if the Retired TagaBrew breweries are displayed. This is how you can tag a TagaBrew brewery that has already been retired from the trail.

Note: Tagged Retired TagaBrew breweries will always display on the List and Map tabs.


Send feedback via email


Displays this document


Launch a web browser to display the TagaBrew web siteType your paragraph here.

For questions / comments / issues you can contact me here or send me an email using Feedback in the app Settings tab.

Please contact me for any app questions.

Debi or Jim, will refer all app questions to me

TagaBrew is a copper memory tag you collect as you brewery hop!
Purchase a 27" chain (TagaBrew brewery tag, State charm and beer bottle charm) at your first stop then you add tags as you travel.
The 4in. chain and tag is also great for Growlers or Mugs!!
The 27 in. chain is made in the USA / the same chain that is used for our Military dog tags...

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